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(fic: Harry Potter) Sea Call Burn (Ron, gen, Philippines) - Fan fiction para sa masa!

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July 9th, 2007

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12:10 am - (fic: Harry Potter) Sea Call Burn (Ron, gen, Philippines)
*insert HP-hype* I wrote this fic a little more than a year ago for a challenge in omniocular (a gen Harry Potter fic site) for their February 2006: "anywhere but here" challenge. One gets to choose a place and write/draw the HP characters in that area. I, of course, chose the Philippines.

Title: Sea Call Burn
Author: osmalic
Rating: G
Length: 4,200~ words
Characters: Ron Weasley, OCs (Harry, Hermione, Bill, Weasleys, Grangers)
Warning: obscure geography, OCs
Summary: In the land with no identity, Ronald Weasley is looking for something.
Note: Very special shout-out thanks to ureima and wicked_sister who immensely helped as beta and for sticking with me even when I was giving up. Thank you to dizilla for inspiring this in the first place. All mistakes are mine. The characters, however, are not mine; they are JKRowling's. Except the Filipino characters and Rizal.

Challenge: omniocular's February Challenge: "anywhere but here"
Location: Philippines
Current Music: Cynthia Alexander - Empty Handed

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