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In Filipino...
Tinataguyod ng komunidad na ito ang pagsusulat tungkol sa, at pagsusuri ng, kulturang Pilipino. Maging satirikal, nakakatawa, rant o seryoso ang pamaraan ng diskurso/pagsulat ng fic, basta't tungkol ito sa sa Pilipinas, Pilipino o sa kultura at panitikang Pilipino, puwedeng mag-post. Puwede ring mag-post ng fic o kahit anong entry na hindi tumutukoy sa Pilipinas, basta nasa kahit anong wika lamang ng Pilipinas ito, maging Bisaya, Chabacano, Waray, Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a o Tagalog man ang wika.

(Humihingi ang manunulat ng bio na ito ng paumanhin sapagakat hindi siya magaling sa wikang Filipino. Ngunit hindi ito nagmumungkahi na kailangang nasa pambansang wika ang lahat na mga sulatin/comment sa komunidad na ito. Kalandian lang po ito ng mod nyo. ^_^ At kung may mga mali man sa gramatika o baybayin sa bio na ito, kung maaari ay sana maipakita lamang sa kanya. Paki e-mail lang ha? Heto: slurping_ramen@hotmail.com. I don't bite. Pramees!)

In English...
This community hopes to provide a place for Filipinos (and non-Filipinos, if they are so inclined ^_^) who wish to share their thoughts on all things Pinoy. Fan fiction, poetry, original stories, links, pictures, icons, discussion threads, criticism, laments, etc. are the order of the day here, ladies and germs, and as long as nobody gets hurt and the rules are followed, anything goes.

Speaking of which...

The Rules (not only because I am an anal-retentive nitpicker, but also because we want to make sure that this comm runs smoothly and nobody has to get bludgeoned with a bolo)

-No text-language please. It's a pain in the arse difficult for lots of people to read, and it's annoying. If you want to write something, write it straight. pLs dNt rIte lYk diS. Okey?

-No flaming. We don't want any bloodshed, now do we? If somebody posts something that you disagree with or dislike, let them know, and as much as possible, let them know why. Nicely. We can have fun and play, but let's not be meanies, okay kiddies?

-When posting fan fic, original stories or poetry, please place the fic/poem itself under an lj-cut (click this link to figure out how) and please place a header that includes the story's title, rating, fandom (if any), language, warnings (if it contains "sensitive" material that may offend some people, like extremely graphic violence, sex, slash, polyamory, etc.), and a summary.

-Stories/poetry/posts can be in any language; English, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, Ilonggo, Cebuano, Martian... gibberish isn't really a language, though...

-Please put pictures and icons under the cut too.

-For that matter, if the post is REALLY, REALLY long, it would be nice if it was placed under the cut also.

-Attention to be grammar would be nice as well. (My gawsh, I'm such a SNOB! ^_^)

...Basically, other than the restrictions mentioned above, you can do whatever you want. Just follow these rules and everything will be fun and fine. Please?

-ETA: Before, I asked that intro-posts be avoided. Well, now I'm taking it back, because someone told me that intro-posts help develop rapport between members and offers an excuse for them to post, so screw the pet peeve-ness. I ask you all to post intro-posts. Tell us a little about yourself. Spread the love.